Buffalo AirStation WLAE-AG300N IEEE 802.11n 300 Mbps Wireless Access Point

  • Brand: Buffalo
  • Category: Wireless Access Points
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Buffalo WLAE-AG300N AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual Band Ethernet Converter, Access Point and Bridge The AirStation Nfiniti Wireless-N Dual Band Ethernet Converter, Access Point & Bridge WLAE-AG300N is a versatile wireless device that extends the capabilities of wireless networks by offering three operating modes for limitless flexibility. WLAE-AG300N can connect any two wired devices, such as printers, gaming consoles or DVRs, to an existing wireless network.It can turn any wired network into a high speed 11n network, or two or more can used to wirelessly connect and extend the range of the wireless network. 802.11n dual band support allows maximum performance and compatibility providing interference free connectivity, great for wireless video streaming, gaming and other high performance uses.


Technical Details

Wireless LAN

Standard ComplianceIEEE802.11n, IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11aTransmission MethodDirect Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS), OFDM, MIMOFrequency Range2.4GHz band: 2,412 - 2,462MHz (Channels 1-11)

5GHz band: 5,150 - 5,250MHz (Channels 36/40/44/48)

5,250 - 5,350MHz (Channels 52-64)

5,725 - 5,825MHz (Channels 100-140Transmission Ratess802.11n mode: Max 300Mbps

802.11a/g mode: Max 54Mbps

802.11b mode: Max 11Mbp2Access ModeInfrastructure ModeSecurityWPA2-PSK(AES, TKIP), WPA-PSK(AES, TKIP), 128/64-bit WEP


  • Dual band 802.11n allows for multiple connections
  • Three unique modes - bridge, adapter, and router/access point
  • Wi-Fi certified for maximum compatibility
  • Push-button setup with AirStation One-Touch Secure System
  • Easy setup - no drivers required
AHostileBanana 3.0
I purchased two of these, one to act as a wireless access point on my pre-existing network, and another to act as an ethernet converter to connect my XBox 360 and Blue-ray player to the wireless network. ENVIRONMENT: Netgear 802.11b wireless router, 2 laptops (Win XP/7), XBox 360, internet-enabled blue-ray player PERFORMANCE: I get 10 Mbps internet speed from my cable provider, as tested by [...] over a wired connection. I bought these buffalo devices to make sure I get that full speed over th ... e wireless (using my old 802.11b router, I got ~5Mbps). I've had these for a few weeks now. After installation I get the full 10 Mbps on my laptops (connected directly to the access point), my XBox (connected to the ethernet-converter device), and on my Motorola Droid 1. Regarding local-network-only speeds, I tested a transfer from a Win XP laptop to a Win 7 laptop, and only get 10 Mbps speed; maybe my old router is limiting transfer speeds, I'm not sure. Luckily it doesn't matter, I only care about the internet speed, and I'm getting all of it. INSTALLATION: For the most part just follow the instructions, but I did spend 2 hours with various hiccups that can be avoided, so here are a few tips: 1. Remove your old wireless network from your computer's list, or else disable the old wireless network. If your PC connects to that old network automatically, it will interfere with the wired connection to the Buffalo device that you need during setup, and you'll get a warning that there are 2 network connections available. More >
wolverine777 3.5
The Nfinity bridge (reviewed here) and router work great now - all for less than $200. Streaming video from multiple sources in the house, several laptops, smart phones, netbooks, iPad, etc. all get great response times throughout the whole house and to the yard. However, configuration is not easy and the network presentation is somewhat unusual. that's why not 5 stars, but 4. Originally I bought this as a repeater to extend the range and fix some of the dead spots delivered by my new Linksys e ... 4200 wireless N dual band router (which btw was working very well and was easy to install). Set up became infeasible as the CD set up guide and Buffalo telephone support could not connect the two systems. But since I wanted to keep the wireless N and the dual band functionality (there are a number of single band wireless n repeaters out there, but only this one dual band repeater that I could find) and Linksys' only true solution was buying and installing another Linksys router which had to be hardwired to the primary router (or use a powerful, expensive transmitter to connect), I decided to return the Linksys and see if I could get the Buffalo router and bridge to cover the whole house at 300Mbps (admittedly I traded off 450Mbps on the N for the lower 300Mbps, but no dead spots and complete coverage of my house) Consequently, I bought the Buffalo wireless N dual band router in place of the Linksys to work w/ the Buffalo client. Again the set up was not easy and the Buffalo doc missed a few important bits (like rebooting the cable modem to initiate the network after set up), but their phone support got the router and bridge working in about 20 minutes, the latter of which does require specific configuration. Aside from the configuration issues this router actually sets up 2 networks - a 2.4 and a 5.0 GHZ network. The repeater can use either but only one at a time so if both have to be extended then 2 repeaters are needed. It all works now and I get 4 bars throughout. If they could better automate the set up (like Linksys) this would be 5 stars. And if Linksys had a client mode, I'd have kept that router. More >
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